How to Build a Resume for Remote Jobs


How do I tailor my resume for remote jobs? 

Recruiters spend only 6 seconds on average looking at a resume before deciding if they want to continue reading through it!

Having a "good" resume is almost as redundant as having a bad one because the average entry level role will receive 250+ applications. That number will most likely increase now that more companies are hiring for remote positions. This means that the only way to truly stand out is to have an unforgettable resume. We are going to show you what goes into crafting a resume that recruiters CAN'T ignore.

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We started 3Skills to help you become the most employable version of yourself by teaching you how to communicate your true value to employers.

The skills we teach about in this webinar, has helped our students land over 100 interviews at Fortune 500 companies, startups and everything in between. Our job hunting tools have resulted to over 46 people kickstarting meaningful careers. 

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In this Webinar, you will learn:

  • how to tailor your resume using unique job descriptions
  • how to create your own work experience
  • what recruiters actually look for on a resume
  • about FREE resume building websites
  • how to get eyes on your resume and beat ATS


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